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A home is about people, memories, and milestones. It’s where you can be yourself and take refuge from the world. It’s where you spend quality time with the ones you love. Our job is to build the house that you will call home. One that is both beautiful and functional, reflecting your own style with timeless appeal. At Steffen Builders West, we understand that a home is an extension of the people who live there. That's why we care about our relationship with our clients as much as we care about the quality of their home.  Hear directly from our past clients here.

Tyler and Whitney Huber co-founded Steffen Builders West in 2010 alongside Larry and Sue Steffen. Time-honored integrity, exceptional customer service and a commitment to quality construction are key elements of the outstanding success and unrivaled reputation achieved by Steffen Builders West.

We at Steffen Builders West understand and appreciate the beauty and serenity that Grand County has to offer and why our clients are drawn here.  We work hard to ensure that each and every home we build captures the beauty of our valley in the early design and site planning phases.  Our partnership with HH Design Firm, a premier local interior design agency, helps us streamline a cohesive design with functionality and style.  We take pride in offering a wide selection of architecturally timeless, luxury mountain homes throughout Grand County's most notable neighborhoods, Winter Park and the Fraser Valley.

Meet our team!

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